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Sourcing Services Effective Supply Management (ESM)

Managing the buying lifecycle to build and sustain effective business benefits.

A) Spend Analysis

The Spend Analysis service of India Info Solution involves studying client’s procurement spend across various categories & locations etc., collating & aggregating the data and submitting a comprehensive well structured SA Report. This report includes opportunities of cost reduction on various products/services, possibilities of aggregation, rationalization of vendors/SKU’s, mapping the Spend Matrix etc.

B) Opportunity Analysis.

The Opportunity Analysis includes arriving/identifying current & long term opportunities for cost reduction and improving procurement efficiencies in an organization. This analysis will provide quantitative information on cost reduction about various classes of products/services.

C) E-Procurement

Engages in design, set-up and conduct of reverse auction events for clients. This process would include Supplier Discovery, Supplier Validation, Supplier Training and Enablement.

D) ON DEMAND - SRM / CRM solutions

Web enabled, current technology platforms of eBuyTM and eSellTM solutions create a digitized management solution across the entire Supply Chain (back-end and front-end). These solutions have been upgraded with current technologies and with a seamless integration with major ERP or existing legacy systems of clients. Both systems have been designed light with ON-DEMAND capabilities for add-on modules as per client needs.

The platforms are ideal as a low cost and a quick turnaround solution for medium or heavy transaction loads. On Demand flexibility enables us to offer comprehensive solutions across the complete supply chain or external customers.

E) Post Auction Services

Offers post auction performance services to maximize savings & minimize leakages auction results. As part of these performance services, we undertakes:

  • Co-ordination of post auction validation such as customer visit to the vendor’s factory, collection of samples, pilot lot supply & bulk supplies etc.

  • Post auction contingency & conflict management in the unlikely event of vendor default.

  • Contract management services, which is a cost-effective outsourced means of tracking and follow-up of delivery of the required goods as part of the performance of the order.

The performance services of India Info Solution leverage on the presence and domain expertise in addition to its Supply Chain Solutions that provide the requisite alerts for undertaking performance activities.

F) Disposals

We addresses Asset Management needs through disposal of Capital Equipment, surplus inventories, production scrap through a combination strategy of customized web market place creation, enabling databank of user industries, offline work by identifying target buyers and negotiating through online Forward Auctions.

Having extensive exposure in Automobile, FMCG, Engineering & Steel sectors in bringing about best fit disposal solutions including long period contract management.